West Special School values the acceptance, inclusion and integration of all children with disabilities. Our school exists to love and care for children with a Christ-like love, educating them and equipping them to fulfill their God-given purpose. 


There are currently thirteen staff members at West Special School. From teachers to cooks, every member of staff has a sincere desire to care for the children at West. Their selfless service doesn't go unnoticed, and their committment to the purpose of the school is matchless in all of Kenya


About 60 children attend school every day. Although there are more registered, not all are able to attend daily due to various circumstances (i.e. home life, pressure to work). The students range from age five to eighteen. Over half of the students are hearing impaired, and the other students are either mentally or physically disabled in some capacity.


We are a UK based charity that exists to support West Special School in a variety of ways. From fundraising to sending out volunteers, Friends of West is committed to ensuring that these children receive an excellent education that prepares them for a successful future in the local community within a loving and encouraging environment.