This video explains the story of West, including how it began, how

others heard about it, and where the school dreams of going in the future.


West Special School values the acceptance, inclusion and integration of all children with disabilities. And Friends of West exists to support the vision of this establishment in providing excellent education for these children within a loving and encouraging atmosphere. 


2008: West Special School was founded by Evelyn Nakaesa. She saw a need to reach the deaf and disabled children in her village. Often, these children are considered an embarrassment to the family and a burden to society, therefore they are often neglected and unwanted. Evelyn held daycare classes in a small shed in the market town of Chwele for any children with disabilities, primarily deaf or mentally/physically disabled. 

2009: Evelyn faced hardship from the local community and government because of the lack of support for her vision and hope to create a safe, loving, and educational environment for these "outcast" children. 

2010: James & Quincie Martin, students from the UK, travel to Kenya, discover West Special School, are inspired by Evelyn's Christ-like selfless love for the children, and immediately start fundraising.

2011: Land purchased, and a new school built, as well as kitchen and toilets, for the students and staff. 

2012: Dormitory building project begins with hopes to accommodate between 100-200 children. 

2013: West grows from 30 to 70 students. Students are encouraged to learn sewing, carpentry, welding, etc.

2014: On-site house is built to accommodate Evelyn and her husband Kutete, as well as many other children from the school.

2015: Small steps towards self-sustainability carry on such as projects like finishing the dorm, growing vegetables, farming chickens and rabbits, etc.

2016: West continues to grow. Store house built to eventually store animals & school equipment. Posho mill purchased to produce cornmeal to make ugali, a staple to the Kenyan diet, which will generate food and an income for the school.

2017: Friends of West, a UK based charity, is founded. And West has a well-functioning well for water!!!